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       Soul Guidance

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***Certified in Galactic Astrology with Julia Balaz, I will study your galactic astral chart. It is indicated if you feel affinities with one or more star people (Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans etc.) or a particular galaxy. We will explore the path your soul has taken to be here today! What has been integrated, and how this understanding can help you here, now.

**2 types of written reports:

-galactic connections soul's history only: 150 euros

-regular birth chart and upcoming transits and your galactic soul's history: 250 euros

We do a 30 min visio interview with you , then you will receive from me your written report, 2 to 3 weeks later. French, English or Japanese available.

Please make an appointment with me first at







***Holistic Oracle readings: Find direction and concrete answers to your current questions in all areas of your life. The Holistic Oracle is a personal development tool that will allow you to understand and see where your resources are and what is blocking you in the situation you are questioning. It invites you to take things in hand and to have a more global vision of what is at stake.




30 minutes 1 question: find answers together and see several angles of approach: 40 euros

One hour session with several questions: 70 euros

One hour and a half session: Let's take the time before, during and after each question to go deeper into each situation and make the links if there are any: 90 euros

Book directly on my Etsy store

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*** Reiki healing: Energetic treatment on the body (s) of the person (or the animal) to unlock energetic knots, physical pains, emotional overload etc.
Remote (with or without a photo) 60 euros

*** Animal Communication: I was trained by Pea Horsley, animal communicator during a workshop in Paris, a communication can help the animal and its caretaker better understand a situation. Do not hesitate to ask me more.

-a two-step session give what you can

The site of Pea Horsley:
 "True stories of communication with animals"

You have received a session from me and wish to testify about what it brought to you? Please email me your comments and I will publish it on my site and SNS. Thank you!



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